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Top Hotels & Restaurants in Barcelona

Hotels 5* Luxury Barcelona  2024

Abac Hotel

Alma Barcelona Hotel

Arts Hotel (Ritz-Carlton)

Bagues hotel

Casa Fuster hotel

Claris hotel

D.O Plaça Reial hotel

El Palace hotel

Gran hotel La Florida

Grand Marina hotel

Hotel Eurostars Bcn Design

Majestic & Spa Barcelona hotel

Mandarin Oriental hotel

ME hotel

Mercer hotel

Miramar hotel

Ohla hotel

Sir Victor Hotel

Princesa Sofía hotel

Torre Melina Hotel

Worldwide hotel

*Stars Michelin 2024 en Catalunya

3 estrelles (5 restaurants – 15 estrelles)

2 estrelles (7 restaurants – 14 estrelles)

1 estrella (43 restaurants – 43 estrelles)

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